Dogs are no different; they have an inner drive – a native passion – to perform well and do whatever it takes to always please their owners. But every canine athlete is different. Depending on the intensity of their activity, every dog has a distinct nutritional energy need.

That’s why we created Native® high performance dog food. We wanted to ensure your canine athlete has precision-formulated food that offers the exact nutrition and energy they need – no matter their activity level.

Our exclusive Native high protein dog food formulas were created for canines with owners who insist on only the best for their canine athletes and companions.

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Recommended High Protein Dog Food for Every Activity Level

At Native®, we recognize that every dog has specific dietary needs based on their breed, size and activity level. That’s why our performance canine nutrition team developed our exclusive EnergyFIT™ system.

EnergyFIT (FIT = Formula Intensity Technology) provides your dog the nutrition and calories necessary to excel at whatever they love to do. Native is formulated in five energy levels, all with similar ingredients, that allow for a smoother digestive transition when moving from one formula to another. Whether you walk, run, hunt, or compete with your favorite canine athlete, Native has the right formula to support your dog’s activity — in any endeavor!

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Our aim is to give your dog the most bio-available ingredients to ensure maximum nutrient digestibility, the ability to excel at their activity, and a long, healthy life. Native offers a high-performance diet with the vast majority of the protein and fat coming from animal sources.