Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get to know us better, here's a round-up of common questions about Native® Performance Nutrition for Canine Athletes.

Why is Native called a “performance nutrition dog food”?

Native is called a performance nutrition dog food because it is a very nutrient-dense food with higher kilocalories and top-quality ingredients to ensure maximum canine performance and weight maintenance during heavy activity. With Native, the words “performance nutrition” are not just marketing terms but a nutritional classification.

Why is Native good for your dog?

Dogs process fat extremely well – much better than humans. An active or performance dog needs slow-burning energy sources to avoid overheating later in a workout, and animal fat is the best one there is. If you see a so-called performance food that does not have animal fat in the top 4 or 5 ingredients, there is probably not enough bio-available fat to support high performance.

Isn’t whole chicken or chicken better than chicken meal?

For concentrated energy and protein, chicken meal is preferred as a dog food ingredient. Unlike chicken meal, whole chicken is approximately 75-85% water and requires that another meat protein source must follow immediately after it on the ingredient list to ensure adequate meat protein.

Where do you purchase your meat ingredients?

All are purchased in the U.S. with the exception of lamb meal. Our lamb meal is sourced from New Zealand because U.S. lamb meal is not approved for use in pet food.

Does your food have prebiotics?

Yes, the Native formulas include prebiotics to support healthy digestion and provide immune system support.

Does your food have DHA or glucosamine in it?

Native formulas contain both DHA and glucosamine that are derived from natural sources. We do not add artificially sourced supplements of these ingredients.

How do I transition from my current food over to Native?

Sudden changes can be traumatic to a dog’s digestive system and cause upset. We recommend mixing progressively smaller quantities of the current food with increasingly larger quantities of Native over a period of 7 days until the dog is completely on Native.

Where is Native made?

Native is manufactured in the U.S. in a company-owned facility.

Does Native contain chemical additives and preservatives like BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin?

No. Native is made with only natural preservatives such as Vitamin C and mixed tocopherols.

Is Native only for working and sporting dogs?

Absolutely not! Native is an excellent food for non-sporting dogs as long as you choose the appropriate formula. Native Levels 1 and 2 work very well for less active dogs provided they are not overfed. Native’s performance nutrition provides the same health benefits to your house dog as it does for sporting dogs.

Is Native good for less active dogs?

Even for a less active dog, it is better to choose a high-quality food and just feed them less of it. Low-calorie foods for active or performance dogs won’t give them adequate nutrition and may result in lots of backyard cleanup.

What should I feed pregnant or lactating females?

All Native dog foods are formulated to be fed to pregnant and/or lactating females.

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