Native uses only the highest-quality natural meats and grains with no corn, wheat, or soy and no meat by-products. Our goal is to provide your dog the most bio-available ingredients that ensures your canine athlete gets the optimal nutrition to excel at activities and live a long, healthy life. Native is a high performance diet with the vast majority of the protein and fat coming from animal sources.

Why Your Dog Will Perform Better with Native Dog Food

  • High protein
  • Quality ingredients
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • No meat by-products
  • Formulated for various energy levels

Why Meat Protein Meal Is a Better Source of Concentrated Energy

Meat protein meals such as chicken meal, beef meal, and pork meal are basically meat proteins with the water removed and ground into a meal. Since they already have the moisture removed, they do not diminish during production. 

Did you know that dog food ingredients are listed by their weight before processing?  Since most meat proteins may be 75% water or more, when the water is removed as part of the production process, the level of actual meat remaining is substantially less.  For example, if a dog food lists chicken, beef, or pork as the first ingredient by weight before processing, it actually will be  the 4th or 5th ingredient once the water is removed. This means that your dog could be lacking the necessary digestible meat protein.

Meat protein meals are a much more concentrated source of protein and amino acids. This is why Native Dog Food has meat protein listed as the first ingredient.  

If you are feeding another dog food that does not list meat protein as the first ingredient,  your dog may not be getting enough of the meat protein needed for optimal health and performance.

Native Dog Food EnergyFIT System

At Native®, we recognize that every dog has specific dietary needs based on their breed, size and activity level. That’s why our performance canine nutrition team developed our exclusive EnergyFIT™ system.

EnergyFIT (FIT = Formula Intensity Technology) provides your dog the needed nutrition and calories necessary to excel at whatever they love to do. Native is formulated in five energy levels, all with similar ingredients, that allow for a smoother digestive transition when moving from one formula to another. Whether you walk, run, hunt, or compete with your favorite canine athlete, Native has the right formula to support your dog’s activity in any endeavor!